Monster Elite Lacrosse


Our Mission

Monster Elite Lacrosse is a player development program! We have a holistic view of developing our athletes in lacrosse and life. We strive to provide the highest levels of instruction and grow our players' character as we grow their skills. Leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship are key components of our program.

We provide our players a platform to showcase their skills against the best teams in the country. We do this in hopes of creating athletes that go on to be impact players in their scholastic endeavors. Our formula of providing great coaching and a concentration on stick development has been our foundation since the beginning.

We believe that we have a unique coaching concept that includes that each one of our athletes has a shared ownership of our successes and failures. We empower our athletes to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers. We have found that teaching and quiet, constructive criticism are the most effective and are forefront in our program.

At Monster, we believe that we have created a competitive culture that pushes each athlete to be the best version of themselves.